We cannot control the wind, 

       but we CAN 

  direct the sail.”

-Aristotle Onassis

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MSSA  is excited to introduce, train, and mentor those seeking a career at sea! We want to give you the tools for success no matter what department you will find your self in.

Training and mentoring those who seek a career at sea.

Preperatory Courses


First thing first, no matter where you hraded the ocean is not a place to go without any basic safety preparetion before so. that is why most of the recruitng companies and innsurance comapanies do not sign a contract without the employee completed a maritime safety course as a minimum.

This exam is suitable for those at a higher intermediate level who want to prove their level in business English. Success in the exam indicates that the candidate can participate in English in business environments.

Online English language proficiency test with certificate
Online CEFR English exam with the certificate for organisations and individuals 

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MSSA|Maritime Skills and Safety Preparatory Academy

Applications are accepted from 10:00-23.00

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